Customer Contact Made a Doddle…Go On, Express Yourself!

In an age where we are constantly bombarded with status updates, tweets, images and chats it’s difficult to know which form of customer communication is best. We have always found it so frustrating when we use so many forms of communication and then a client tells us that “I didn’t realise you offered that service”.

As part of our communications we have found that our best option by far has been e-marketing – the use of email communication for regular updates and features. While you’d think this is something that could be easily done via your normal email contact, our mailboxes have become mass email savvy and now ‘bounce’ emails sent in this way.

Introducing our e-shot service which allows you to send mass email’s out to your favourite people updating them about what you’ve been doing, what events you’re going to, what new products you’re selling and generally keeping your customer up-to-date.

Edge will set up your account, design a generic template with images and text which can then be updated time and time again for sending out new information and we’ll provide training on how to use the programme. The basic level is a free of charge account with the only cost being for the set up of the template – cost effective marketing at its best.

The best bit……it’s fully reportable, allowing you to update your contact lists, see how many views you’ve had and what people are interested in and how many contacts then went on to view either your social media links or your main website.

Simple and so effective, contact us for further details – email: or tel: 01652 653800.

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