Baby it’s cold outside!

Online shopper

With the UK set to endure freezing temperatures and snow this week, consumers now prepare by making more of their every day shopping purchases choices online. With this in mind, we are looking at  growth of the online shopping market in the UK.

From 2016 to 2017 the online buying market increased in sales by a huge 21.3% with an estimation of it being up to a 30% increase in the latter half of last year. The market for online shopping is growing fast with approximately 97% of UK consumers having bought at least one product online in the last twelve months. The United Kingdom is now second only to Norway for making e-commerce purchases in Europe.

When it comes to marketing trends in purchases show that product reviews are crucial for brands who want to make an impact on their audience. Sixty-eight percent of women say they consult product reviews before making a purchase, while 56% will look at social media pages or ask on social media networks for advice. The same study also revealed the top influencing factors when relying on a review:

  • Review quality and overall content
  • Star Rating or mark
  • Quality of the photographs
  • Time and date of the review

If buyers do make a purchase decision, reviews still come second to the product quality and to the price of the item. Value is still very important to consumers. Furthermore 81% of consumers have used a voucher code in the past 12 months.

Our top tips for ensuring that you’re ‘online shopper’ ready:

  • Make sure you have current reviews on your site
  • Invest in quality photography
  • Ensure your social media is up-to-date, link your main site in your bio or have a shop link added, are you enhancing your brand through your social media?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?
  • Have you used a voucher / discount offer?
  • Have you tried doing a social media awareness campaign / competition?

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*statistic source: gurufocus 2016

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